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Feel free to send me a message at any of the above contacts or fill out this form below!

Reference Sheets

Single front view: $80

Front and back: $110

Headshot: $25
Additional pose: $65

Small details or alternate clothing versions will need to be quoted based on description, but are generally under $20 each.

In addition to options chosen, reference sheets include text details and color palette.


Since scene complexity can vary wildly, it is best to submit details to me for a customized and accurate quote.

Estimated prices include a full background scene with one character.

Simple scenes with little background detail start at $300

Complex scenes with higher background detail starts at $400

Additional main characters start at $140ea

Background characters can be anywhere from $50-100 depending on visibility.


'Wing-Its' are a budget-friendly option for those who just have a general idea of what they want, or have no specifics in mind and just want to get some pretty art! Note: quality will be in line with examples shown here. Wing-its are a bit less polished than illustrations.

Simply provide me with a theme, and character reference, and I will deliver the finished artwork once completed.

This commission type does not include WIPs, so be sure that you're okay with that before commissioning!

Without Background

$80 for hips-up
$110 for full character

With Background

$150 for hips-up
$200 for full character

Traditional Art Prices

Please Note:
Due to the state of mail services in the US currently, shipped orders will be taken at your own risk, I can ship using your method of choice, and provide a quality scan or photo of your piece as a backup in case of loss.

Traditional watercolor and ink painting of your character with a simple/implied background, scanned and shipped or scan-only.

Scan option:

Scanned work will be done on a 5x7" or 6x8" paper (1500x2100px-1800x2400px) depending on level of fine detail. Materials may not be archival-grade and the original may fade over time, so it is advised that a backup is kept of the scan, as I may not be able to provide one if the file gets lost.

Full body art: $80
Half body art: $55

Bust: $40

Shipped: Contact me for a quote based on desired paper size and complexity

Inked Artwork

Flat colored inksBust: $40
Hips-up: $50
Full: $65

Shaded Inks
Bust: $50
Hips-up: $65
Full: $90

Includes abstract background.

Simple backgrounds may be requested for $30

Complicated backgrounds are not offered for this commission type at this time.

Character Paintings

Standalone characters, fully rendered in my painting style without background options. For painted characters featuring background art, see 'Illustrations'

$110 for hips-up
$160 for full body

Painted Busts

A shoulders-up bust portrait of your character. Higher face detail and resolution than a cropped painted character.

Great for icons and con badges!
$80 No BG
$90 Simple BG

Work Process

Tools of the trade

Digital art tools + software

Huion Kamvas Pro 13
Custom built PC
Clip Studio Pro
Daub Superbundle Brushes for Clip
Adobe Photoshop + Lightroom

Traditional art tools

Sakura micron pens
Pentel Pocket Brush
Dr. P.H Martin's bombay india inks
Speedball dip pens
Hiro 40 & 41 nibs
Nikko G nib
Daniel Smith watercolors
Windsor and Newton Watercolors
Coliro M2100 pearl watercolors
Homemade metallic watercolors
Arches cold pressed watercolor paper
Arches rough watercolor paper
Arches hot press watercolor paper
Canson sketch paper
Transon round brushes


When commissioning me for art that includes WIPs, here is a general breakdown of what to expect!

Clients will receive 3 progress updates on average, sometimes more depending on the type and whether there are major revisions.

First update:

2-3 rough sketches of a character, or 2-3 grayscale thumbnails of a scene for a client to choose from.

On rare occasion, thumbnails may have colors, and character sketches may have a 4th option included, or only 1 if the idea is very specific, but these are the exception to the rule!

Second update:

A refined update of the option chosen, including any minor tweaks requested. For pieces featuring line art, this would be a clean sketch or the lineart for the piece.

For painted art or illustrations, rough colors and lighting.

Third update:

Ideally, this would be the last update where everything is complete and the client is happy! Sometimes for things like shaded inks with backgrounds, or ref sheets with lots of elements, though, another step or two is needed. Don't want to get ahead of ourselves!

Fourth update:

Usually there is no need for a fourth update, but for certain styles and features it is needed, since 3 updates just won't cover everything!


Books I'd recommend:

Color and Light by James Gurney
Creative Illustration by Andrew Loomis
Figure Drawing For all its Worth by Andrew Loomis
An Atlas of Anatomy for Artists by Fritz Schider

Art Youtube Channels I'd recommend:

Marco Bucci
James Gurney
Sinix Design

Brushes for Clip Studio:

Daub Super Bundle
Free brushes for Manga Studio 5 by IridescentDelirium

Brushes for Photoshop: by Mr--Jack
AlectorFencer's Texture Brushes
Brushes by AaronGriffinArt

Other random resources:

I will keep updating this as I think of things!

Telegram Stickers

1 Sticker: $15
3 Sticker pack: 42
5 Sticker pack: $65
8 Sticker pack: $100

Packs over 8 are $12.50 each. Extra characters in stickers add $5-8 each.

Thinking of commissioning?

Let's get started!

To commission me, simply shoot me a message through one of the options below.

If possible, please include the following info:

-A brief description of your desired commission type, including a scene description, if applicable

-Reference images of your character, if applicable

-Your preferred contact info

-Your email address

-Details on when you'd be ready to get started with the commissioning process, and whether you would like to use a payment plan

Terms of Service

1. General

a. By commissioning (paying) me, it is confirmation that you have read and agree to the
terms of service (ToS) described in this document.

b. I reserve the rights to: refuse or cancel a commission for any reason, alter/update my
ToS at my own discretion, and prioritize commissions based on deadlines.

c. You are paying for my services (labor), and not the final product itself.

2. Payment

a. While full payment up front is preferred, a down payment is required before work is
started. A payment plan is possible and negotiable but must be discussed before any
payment is sent.

b. By making a down payment you are agreeing to pay the full amount within the time
frame agreed upon.

c. I take payment through PayPal invoices, which can be paid with any major credit or debit
card (US and International customers), or Google Pay (US customers only).

3. Work Process

a. Time frame: Assuming full payment is made up front, Single character YCH
commissions will be completed within a month. Sketch, speedpaint, and paintings
without backgrounds will be completed within 2 months (Typically under 3 weeks).
Illustrations can take up to 3 months (Typically under 1 month once started).

b. Customers will be kept up to date on progress, either through my trello board or direct
message, depending on whether WIPs are included in their commission.

c. WIPs (work in progress drafts) will typically be divided into 3 stages: Sketching, refining,
and finalizing. Once each WIP meets your approval and work is continued, details
present in previously approved WIPs cannot be altered without a fee.

d. Deadlines and rushed work: By default a commission has no deadline beyond what I set
myself in this ToS, however I can work with deadlines for an additional fee, which can be
quoted to you upon request.

4. Image Rights

a. By default, US Copyright law applies and I retain full rights to my work, including but not
limited to: reproducing, altering, advertising, and merchandising, (unless transferred to the customer via contract).

b. Full or partial rights can be purchased for an additional fee.

c. Customers may use the commissioned artwork as their personal icons/avatars/banners
as well as print for their own personal use. If they would like to repost my art, credit is

d. Altering my work is not allowed without my written permission.

5. Refund Policy

a. There will be approximately 3% processing fee for refunds (due to paypal policies)

b. If I need to cancel a commission at no fault of the client, I will take care of the 3% fee myself.

c. Since commissions are my livelihood, I may need to issue a refund in the form of
payments, by accepting this ToS you accept that possibility. I will of course do my best to
refund in a timely manner.

d. I do not issue refunds for work that has reached a minimum of 75% completion. If you
need to cancel a commission partway through, a partial refund will be issued depending
on the percentage of billed work remaining, minus paypal’s processing fee.

If payment is not completed, redacted, or any of the conditions outlined in the agreement are not met, the agreement is considered void, with any and all rights returned to the artist.


If anything is unclear or hasn’t been addressed feel free to ask!

About Me:

My name is R. Janda, and I am a 26 year old self-taught illustrator from Maryland, USA.
I've been freelancing for about 4 years now, and during that time I have striven to grow my skills and build a reliable business. My aim is to provide professional service and quality art.

I specialize in character-centric artwork in a variety of styles, ranging from polished work with clean line art, to looser, painterly art featuring more visible brushstrokes. I love fantasy, science fiction, and nature themes, but I'm just as comfortable creating slice-of-life art, landscapes, and character design.

I primarily create digital paintings, but also enjoy traditional watercolors, acrylic, gouache, and oils, and recently started learning to sculpt on the side as a hobby.

My ultimate goal is to someday become a 2D illustrator in the game art field for companies such as WotC, and I am constantly honing my skills in order to reach that goal.

Fun fact: I chose the name 'Obelys' because it means 'apples' in Lithuanian. I grew up around a lot of apple orchards, and now grow a few apple trees myself, so it seemed fitting.